Snorkeling Tips for First Time and Beginners

snorkeling beignners

How to prepare for a fun snorkeling adventure

Snorkeling can be a fun adventure. It opens a door into an exotic new world. If you are a first time or beginning snorkeler, familiarizing yourself with some important snorkeling tips is recommended. These tips include acquiring the right equipment and following some essential safety tips.

Tips for finding equipment that fits properly

A mask that fits properly is important, one that does not fit well will leak and become foggy. A properly fitting mask should sit comfortably on your face and create a watertight seal. To determine if your mask is a good fit, press it gently onto your face while taking a breath, this should create a suction seal. If you can move and the mask stays in place without the aid of the strap it indicates a proper fit. Also check the masks strap, it should sit comfortably above the ears.

A snorkel should sit easily in your mouth and feel comfortable. Experts recommend dry snorkels because they have a valve on top that will not allow water to enter the snorkel. Another feature to consider is a purge valve. This type of valve is located at the bottom of the snorkel. It allows any accumulated water to be blown out of the bottom of the tube. Snorkels without purge valves must be cleared by blowing the water up the tube which makes it harder to use.

Footwear that fits properly is always important and snorkeling fins are no exception. Fins should not be overly tight or they may cause painful areas on your feet. However, if your fins are too loose they may fall off while you’re in the water. Fins are a vital piece of equipment that every snorkeler should wear. They allow you to move more easily through the water so that you expend less energy. Ignoring this snorkeling tip could pose a safety hazard for you.

Tips for a safe snorkeling experience

Taking the time to practice using your equipment is another good snorkeling tip. Visit a swimming pool or shallow body of water to determine if your gear fits well and performs properly in the water. Also, keep in mind that safe snorkeling requires constant awareness of your surroundings. Before entering the water examine the size of the waves. If they seem large or turbulent do not go snorkeling. Waves disturb the water creating issues with visibility and they are a powerful force to contend with. Snorkeling in rough water will drain your energy. Also, always be aware of the ocean currents. A strong current can pull a snorkeler away from the shore and create a very dangerous situation. As with any type of water recreation, never go snorkeling alone.

Take snorkeling seriously

Preparation for your snorkeling adventure should be taken seriously. Take the time to locate the right equipment and become educated about important safety issues. Following these snorkeling tips will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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