Why We Need a Mask For Snorkeling

snorkeling mask
Snorkeling is a water sporting and recreational activity which basically entails diving under water and exploring what the water body has to offer. It is common in tropical climates where visibility is superb and the water is warm enough for exploration. Snorkelers have to put on a body suit, fins, and a mask besides diving during periods of maximum daylight in order to get the best experience.

The proceeding discussion endeavors to identify, highlight and explain in details the importance of mask for Snorkeling:

To Enhance Visibility

Without masks, the images our eyes perceive in water usually appear blurry owing to the fact that the light from the sun are refracted when they get into contact with water. A mask is so designed as to re-focus the rays of the sun in such manner as to make them appear just as they would have been in a normal air environment. This ensures that the snorkelers derive the best viewing experience possible. What�s more? Various masks come along with different types and lengths of lenses which also play very significant roles in enhancing the clarity and visibility of the items so viewed under the water. The masks therefore can help see image more clearly over and above just re-focusing the rays from the sun.

To Protect the Eyes from Infections and Injuries

Sea water ordinarily contains several pieces of debris from such sources as sea weed, sand, pebbles, minute sea creatures, salinity of the ocean, and indeed, more besides! These debris and dirt may cause far reaching consequences should they come into contact with the naked eyes. These include such issues as soreness, redness of the eyes, injuries, and infections. Masks protect the eyes from this debris and by so doing, ensure that the health of the eyes is kept in the best shape possible.

To Improve Diving Experience

The primary purpose of the activity of snorkeling is to experience what the underwater has to offer unlike say swimming which is designed primarily for recreation. Masks, by the virtue of having been designed for enhancing visibility, protecting the eyes against impurities, and having a wide viewing angle, ensure that the divers obtain the very best experience possible.

It is worth noting that the benefits of putting on mask for Snorkeling as enumerated above are by no means exhaustive since there are innumerable other benefits which, owing to space constraints, could not all be mentioned. Serious divers who are intent on getting the perfect snorkeling experience thus have no option but to acquire and make use of masks.

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