How To Choose a Snorkel Mask

There are various types of snorkels in the market today. These snorkels comprise of children snorkels, basic snorkels, dry snorkels and semi-dry snorkels. Snorkels are not only important for snorkelers and scuba divers but for all divers in general. When choosing the ideal snorkel for your child you need to go for a snorkel with a tube that will not overwhelm your child, the mouth piece needs to be just the right size for your child. Not too big nor too small, you also need to know that some children will be best fit by snorkels that have an adult mouth piece. The best snorkel for your child is one that has a drain system that will allow the water to purge efficiently when the child is under the water.

The best semi-dry snorkels on the other hand is have some sought of a canopy at the very top of the snorkel so as to ensure that water does not get into the tube of the snorkel when the snorkeler is on the water surface. Ensure that the semi-dry snorkel you select has a flexible portion that connects the snorkel to the tube. This makes it quite easy for you to fold the snorkel easily so as to keep the regulator in and out of your mouth easily as you desire. An ideal snorkel can also come with a replaceable mouth piece for hygiene purposes.

An ideal dry snorkel does not have much difference with a semi-dry snorkel. The only difference is that it has a dry canopy that enables the diver to be in a position to submerge deep into the water without having to worry about a snorkel tube filled with water. This is made possible by a closing mechanism present in the dry canopy that allows the diver to close the snorkel whenever they are submerged in water. There are many snorkels in the market today that can be appropriate for your needs. All you have to do is have the right skill that will help you identify the right snorkel for you.

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