How to Fit a Snorkel Mask

Finding a snorkel mask with the correct fit is, without a doubt, a hard task to do. It’s not something that you normally do every day like picking your grocery or food or even fitting your favorite clothes. You got all the right gears for swimming; but, only that you have no idea how to fit a snorkel mask which in fact should be the most vital thing to master. You cannot just position it directly then dive or swim; you also need to make sure that it’s the appropriate fitting.

In order for you to find out, you need to check first the proportions of your snorkel mask. Now with the right measurements, finding the size is easy. Since you have identified the contour of your face, it’s no longer hard for you to make sure of the allowance to breathe through the mask.

The skirt of the snorkel mask must not overlap the side of your eyes. It is because skirt might cause leaking; and from then on, water might get in when you go deeper that might cause mishaps. You also have to make sure that the top centers between the two lenses do not push all the way to the bridge of your nose. The reason behind it is that it might get air pressure and it might actually get painful in a long period of time. Lastly, your snorkel mask should have a great fit suction from your face.

By checking this; you may try putting the snorkel in place, then try to breathe in some air from your nose and then slowly pull the snorkel mask from your face. Now, in doing that, you must see to it that there is a little air suction when you pull the snorkel mask out. This way, you would be sure that your snorkel mask really suits your face and would make you feel comfy all throughout the swim.

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