Equipments Need for Snorkeling

snorkeling equipments

If you have never gone snorkeling before, there are several different kinds of knowledge that you ought to learn before you embark on the adventure. For example, knowing a little about snorkeling gear, technique and safety can make a huge difference in the kind of experience you enjoy.
Whether you are renting or buying your snorkeling gear, the basic pieces of equipment that you will need include a snorkeling mask, fins, the snorkel and a life jacket.

a.) Mask
When you are picking out a mask, the most important thing to check for is the proper fit. After all, breathing and visibility become rather difficult if water manages to leak between your face and the mask skirt. If you want your mask to provide more light and a longer usable life, opt for a silicone rather than a black rubber mask. This will be more expensive, but will be worth the investment if you plan on using the equipment frequently after the purchase.

b.) Fins
Size is also an important factor when you select a pair of fins. Fore example, fins should be snug but not tight on your feet. That way they will be able to handle the resistance of moving through the water without cutting off blood circulation or causing muscle cramps. If you are buying for children, you might want to consider adjustable-strap fins that facilitate future use in spite of growing feet. Flexibility is another factor to consider when you pick out a pair of fins. Stiffer fins will propel snorkelers further with every kick, but they also require stronger muscles. As a result, if you are new to snorkeling, you may want to err on the side of greater flexibility.

c.) The Barrel
As your connection to life-giving oxygen as you view the underwater world, the snorkel is also an important piece of equipment. Whether they are simple or high-tech, the most important part of choosing a snorkeling is the barrel size. If the barrel is too big and you won’t be able to exhale all the carbon dioxide released from your lungs, but if the barrel is too small, you’ll feel like you’re trying to breath through a coffee-stirring straw.

d.) Life Jacket
A lot of people believe that life jackets should be an optional or accessory piece of equipment. With unpredictable weather, muscle fatigue and currents all playing a role in snorkeling, a life jacket should never be left of the list of equipment. If you don’t want to deal with a lot of drag as you swim, you might want to buy an inflatable life jacket that can be empty or full depending on your needs.

2. Technique
Although poor and excellent swimmers can both enjoy snorkeling, there are a few ways to make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. For example, to decrease the resistance you have to fight as you move through the water, make your body as streamline as possible: with your hands resting gently behind your back, head forward, and legs stretched out behind you. And, rather than bending your leg at the knee as you kick, try to use straight-legged kicks to propel yourself through the water.

3. Safety
As mentioned earlier, you should always take a life jacket with you on snorkeling expeditions. If possible, you should always be accompanied by at least one other person as well. Respecting the marine life around you is another way to keep yourself safe. Some animals and corral can sting, burn or bite, so enjoy looking, but avoid touching.

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