How to choose a Snorkel Mask

How to choose a Snorkel Mask
When planning for a recreational diving under the sea then a snorkel over your head is very crucial, if not mandatory. A snorkel can effectively save substantial amount of air and energy while on surface, as these two entities are premium during diving. Apart from these they also acts as an excellent product in terms of safety issue and give better results for divers who are surfacing a long way in the sea, way back from their exist point.

Choosing a Snorkel:

There is a wide variety of snorkels prevailing in the professional and recreational diving utility market. But availability of numerous types, forms and shapes makes choosing of snorkels a daunting task. There are dry tops, purge valves and even FM radios. Check you list article to get a comprehensive guide regarding how to choose a Snorkel Mask.

Why Purge Snorkel:

Maximum prefers Purge snorkel, reasons are clear and sound:

  • They are maintenance free, it gives you an ease of clearing water.
  • The purge valve is usually covered with some special protective net, a kind of shield. It prevents the entry of any fragile components inside it.

Mind the length:

There snorkels with features- “high volume” or “streamline”. Both of them are equally confusing and disturbing.

  • High Volume: When full with water, it has certain complications in clearing.
  • Streamlined: They are not flexible with breathing and make it a voluntary movement.
  • It is safe to avoid both. To ascertain the optimize length for a snorkel, just check whether it is at least 5cm above your head, when attached to the facial mass and is kept up-right. An optimized length negates unwanted dead air pace.

Bites regarding mouthpiece:

  • Chewing pencils and pens out of sheer frustration and excitement is here replaced with chewing of the mouth piece of the Snorkels. Go for replaceable mouthpiece if you can not control your teeth.
  • Prefer soft, comfortable silicon made mouthpiece in order to standardize the level of hygiene and comfort.

Nimble under water:

  • Under water also have certain obstacles. Choose a snorkel which is flexible enough to gauze or withstand these obstacles and not bending inside your face.
  • You can also effortlessly place an agile snorkel inside your BCD pocket if you are allergic to snorkels fitted over your mask.

Robust and durable:

Hard plastic made snorkels are sturdy and have extended longevity and even more, they can withstand wear and tear.

These much knowledge is enough for your snorkels. Going for something simple is wise because water is a simple fluid and you can enjoy with ease inside it.

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