Best Tips on How to Snorkeling at Night

snorkeling at night

Snorkeling at night offer some of the best experiences as there is plenty of thrill and excitement when you swim around in the dark. There are plenty of reasons why you should go snorkeling at nights and you need to be well prepared for the adventure. These are some of the best tips for snorkeling at night.

Sea Creatures active at Night

There are plenty of things that you are able to see during the night especially those creatures that feed at night such as lobsters, shrimp, octopus as well as eels.
Corals are also magnificent during the night when they transform and bloom out into bright colors as they feed with their tentacle bodies.
You also get to see corals spawning, releasing cloud-like sperms and eggs.

Sweep the Sandy Area and Check the Edges

Since you are able to focus better in the dark, look out farther into deeper waters and you might get a chance to see an Eagle Ray or other creatures playing at the edge of your light.
You should also sweep across the sandy area where you can find an octopus on the hunt hiding in the sand.
Octopus and other deep sea creatures also like to hide in natural holes as well as in the ends of pipes.

Turn your Light Off

While you get to see more creatures with your light on, you might be in for a magical surprise on turning your light off.
You might be lucky to see phosphorescent plankton which emits their own lights.
By moving your legs quickly through the water, you can watch balls of light appearing, or even streams of light coming from the fish swimming nearby.

Best Spots for Snorkeling

Since night snorkel can be unnerving, it is advised that you go to places with some light from the shore, moonlight, hotel or street lights. This will not only give you a little peace, but also a sense of direction.
Go to areas with blooming coral or rock rubble where you are likely to find shrimps and lobsters.
Pick calm areas that are protected from surge and waves. Finally ensure that you choose to snorkel in an area with easy exit.

Go with a Guided Tour or with a Friend

Ensure that you get a guided tour especially on your first night snorkel.
Guided tour provides light and helps to point out hiding creatures that you are likely to miss while snorkeling alone.
It is also recommended that you go with a buddy since you get to have two lights. This will be helpful in case your batteries die.

Get a Waterproof Flashlight and a Neoprene top

You can either rent or buy a waterproof flashlight that is designed for diving or snorkeling.
If buying your own light, ensure that you have fresh good batteries each time you are out snorkeling.
Finally, ensure that you wear a neoprene top (1mm Thin) which will keep you warm and comfortable throughout your experience.

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