Best Snorkeling Spots in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean in the Caribbean are among the most popular places for snorkeling.

Snorkeling tours include tropical fruits, snacks and sodas and fruit juices. Some also include the use of an underwater hydrophone, lunch, fresh water showers and no host bar. The observations of the exotic marine life are guaranteed supported by the offer of a free tour if none occurs.

Here are the best Snorkeling Spots in Hawaii.

1. Kahaluu Beach Park


Usually called Snorkel Beach, Kahaluu Beach Park is viewed as the most well-known destination for diving on the Big Island, and one of the best in Hawaii.

2. Anini Beach Park


The quiet waters and rich marine life make Anini the best diving snorkeling spot in Kauai. This calm stretch of shoreline is protected by the biggest coral reef in Hawaii, so as opposed to breaking waves on the sand, you can expect a lake like atmosphere. The protective reef makes an excellent blue lagoon, unsuitable for surfing or bodyboarding, yet ideal for diving.

3. Kealakekua Bay


The largest natural bay sheltered in Hawaii, Kealakekua is additionally popular as the spot where Captain James Cook and his boats arrived, when they discovered Hawaii.

4. Molokini Crater


An ancient volcanic crater disintegrated with the progression of time, diving crater is currently a marine of marine life and a world-class diving and location. Located three miles off the coast of Maui, Molokai is popular for its especially clear water with visibility up to 100 feet each day.

5. Hanauma Bay, Oahu


Although crowded, it is a favorite diving spots snorkeling. The crescent shaped Cove offers clear visibility and fish encounters are only a finger-length away, even water up to the waist. Snorklers Accustomed to stay safe in shallow waters, but those with more experience take a passage to Brew witch, a turbulent creek, and other outer reefs.

6. Makaha Beach Park, Oahu

makaha beach

Makaha is the second most popular dive site on Oahu. Visibility allows divers watch dolphins, manta rays and eagle transiting, octopus, eels and green turtles. This region excites divers with 40 feet deep under water caves, arches and tunnels along the ocean floor.

7. Ke’e Beach, Kauai


Snorkel below giants Napoli coast cliffs to display an underwater paradise of tropical fish, sea turtles and other aquatic life. The picturesque and quiet beach has a wood and iron background coconut, beach perfect for some R & R.

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