Best Snorkeling on Isla Mujeres

Snorkelling is probably one the best ways to be a part of the natural environment of ocean life without disrupting it. It puts the snorkeler in close quarters with marine wildlife and allows them to see the beauty of the aquatic ecosystem. There are many fantastic snorkelling sites all over the world, but one of the most celebrated and highly visited spots is Isla Mujeres located near Cancun, Mexico. A veritable paradise for snorkelers and divers, regardless of their experience level, the 475 submerged sculptures around the area makes Isla Mujeres the world’s biggest living underwater museum.

The turquoise waters of El Farito
This shallow spot is the perfect place for beginners to take a swim and interact with the whale sharks, nurse sharks and sea turtles. Submerged at this site for the protection of all fishermen is the Virgin of El Farito. Snorkelers can bring her coins and flowers if they so desire. With the brightly coloured schools of fish and undulating fauna in clear turquoise waters, El Farito is definitely one of the best snorkelling on Isla Mujeres suitable for everyone.

The Massive Manchones Reef
A 12-kilometre long aquatic wonder, Manchones Reef is the ultimate spot for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. With depths of up to 2-kilometres, it opens up a world of reef formations and oceanic life to the casual observer. Home to sharks, sea turtles, manta rays and dozens upon dozens of various exotic fish, the Manchones Reef is a great place for you to swim among undisturbed aquatic wildlife. Perhaps the most intriguing part of Manchones Reef is the bronze sculpture known as the Cross of the Bay submerged at Cruz Bay. A symbol for all the souls who have lost their lives at sea, this statue weighs in at a ton – literally – and stands 30-feet in height, making it well worth the trip to Manchones Reef.

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