Best Snorkeling Cameras To Take Beautiful Pictures

Everybody loves the beach. Who doesn’t? Aside from the relaxing view and the beautiful people, the beach has a lot of exciting activities to offer. You can go surfing, scuba diving or parasailing. But for those who prefer to just float around and enjoy what the sea has to offer, snorkeling is the perfect activity for you. If you’re planning to go snorkeling anytime soon, make sure to get a very good camera. Snorkeling offers you a lot of chances to capture an amazing photograph that you can share with your family and friends. There are tons of snorkeling cameras available in the market. Now, which would you choose? Here’s a list to help you decide and make sure you’ll capture every moment in full color.

1. Canon S120

• GET UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.The Canon S120 is probably the best camera available for snorkeling. It’s very compact and easy to use. It’s a 12.1 MP camera and has a very high ISO, which means the images are clear and bright. It also has a 5x optical zoom, allowing you to capture images from a far. It’s very affordable, with prices starting at $399, excluding the accessories. A waterproof housing is also available to let you enjoy taking pictures while snorkeling.


2. The Canon G7x

The Canon G7x
• CRYSTAL CLEAR. The Canon G7x is closely related to the Canon S120. It’s a 20MP camera and has a sensor 3x more powerful than S120, allowing the user to crop a picture and still get amazing quality. On the other hand, it’s a bit bulkier than the S120 and a bit more expensive at around $599. A waterproof housing is also available.

3. Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4

Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4
• BUFF AND TOUGH. Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 is basically the brother of the TG-3, but with added features. It’s an underwater camera that is both shock and freeze proof. It’s a 16MP camera, with built-in image stabilization system that dramatically reduces the effect of camera shake. Affordable at $348, it will definitely be worth your money.

4. Ricoh WG-4

Ricoh WG-4
• SURE AND STEADY. Ricoh WG-4 (formerly Pentax) is another waterproof camera that is both tough and user-friendly. It has a 16MP camera and has a 4x optical zoom. It also has a shake reduction system installed, reducing the effects of camera shake. At $279.99, it very affordable and reliable.

5. Sony RX100

The Sony RX100
• MORE FUN, AT LESS PRICE. The Sony RX100 is a lot similar with the Canon G7x. It’s a 20MP camera with Steady-Shot Image Stabilization. One minor problem with this camera is with the white balance. Unlike other cameras, you have to manually adjust the white balance. On a positive note, it is a bit cheaper than the Canon G7x, costing $389. Waterproof housing is also available.

6. CoolpixAW130

• ANSWERING THE CALL. The CoolpixAW130 is Nikon’s response to the demand for good waterproof cameras. It has 16MP sensors and image stabilization. It can go underwater as deep as 100 feet and can capture images at 5 frames per second. It’s also very affordable at $279.99.

7. Panasonic DMC-TS5

Panasonic DMC-TS5
• STRONG AND RESERVED. The Panasonic DMC-TS5 is one of members of its line of waterproof cameras. It has a 16MP sensor and has image stabilization. It is also shock, dust and freeze-proof. It can reach underwater up to 43 feet. Its image quality is not so great though. The pictures and videos are not sharp and the shooting speed is a lot slower compared with others.

8. Finepix XP200

Finepix XP200
• FAST AND FURIOUS. The Finepix XP200 is Fujifilm’s newest model for underwater cameras. It has a 16MP sensor and a high ISO. It can capture images as fast as 10 to 60 frames per second. It’s available at the market at $319.99

These are just some of the cameras available that’s perfect for snorkeling. Choose wisely and you’ll be able to capture and share every memory in high definition.

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