Best Beach in Cozumel for Snorkeling

Cozumel offers Caribbean’s clearest waters. With the incessant ocean currents, Cozumel Island has amazingly crystal clear waters, rich marine life and credit as Caribbean drift diving capital. Experienced divers who know how to flow with underwater currents, have a delightful experience. For anyone seeking an experience in the best beach in Cozumel for snorkeling, here are the five finest beaches worth trying out.

Chankanaab Lagoon

chankanaab lagoon
The Mays call it little sea’. It gives snorkelers smooth access to the impressive shallow 20-foot alcove. The standard of great beginner snorkeling takes a generous share of positive online posts despite the high competition from the thrilling mini-amusement park.

Paradise Reef

paradise reef
The Paradise Reef boasts of three adjacent coral reefs each displaying plenty of marine life like lobsters, octopuses, multi-colored tropical fish and the Splendid Toad fish. The Splendid Toad fish mostly hides under the ledges and holes. Standing at a 45 to 50 feet depth, this is would make for a great dive at night.

San Francisco Reef

Ranging from 35 to 50 feet, it’s the most shallow wall dive in Cozumel. The reef has three sections separated by 50-60 yard stretches of sand. It’s full of marine life with even more sizeable inhabitants like rays and turtles. The appearance over the wall edge is a drop into oblivion – a sight that surprisingly raises a humbling feel.

Palancar Reef

palancar reef
It has numerous reef sections but the Shallow Palancar is only 20 to 40 feet amid caves and long narrow tunnels. Since the currents are of fair strength, Palancar Reef is ideal for new divers seeking a feel in drift diving. The Deeper Big Horseshoe rises from 100 feet to 20 or 25 feet under the surface. With the little current, this depth is not comfortable for novices. For deep snorkeling, a dive computer is necessary.

Santa Rosa Wall

santa rosa wall
With the 50-foot depth and strong current, Santa Rosa creates an enjoyable ride for experienced divers. Divers glide along the wall past huge sponges and stoop below massive coral overhangs. Sea turtles and eagle rays are common.

For all snorkeling enthusiasts, these five beaches are worth of your time and experience. Anyone searching the delight of the best beach in Cozumel for snorkeling will get it in these beaches.

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