10 Complete Snorkeling Gear You Need

10 Complete Snorkeling Gear for all your snorkeling needs.

10 Complete Snorkeling Gear You Need
Product Name Brand Pricing Rating Visit
Snorkel Gear 1 Palau Long Fins Cressi Medium star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 2 Panoramic Wide Cressi Low star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 3 Legendary Mask Phantom Aquatics Low star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 4 Velocity Scuba Phantom Aquatics Low star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 5 Travel Snorkel Cressi Medium star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 6 Freediving Mask Cressi Low star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 7 Snorkel Set for Adults Rising Goods Low star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 8 Double Lens Ivation Low star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 9 Platinum Snorkel U.S. Divers Medium star button (1)
Snorkel Gear 10 Trek Premium U.S. Divers Medium star button (1)

1. Cressi Palau Long Fins, Focus Mask, Dry Snorkel, Snorkeling Gear Package

Snorkel Gear 1

Cressi Palau Snorkeling gear is an upscale mid-level package that comes with a pair of full size fins, two windows mask and mesh bag. Mask is tailored to fit different dace shapes with its lenient silicon skirt. The dry snorkel has an anti-squash tip with a valve to prevent water from leaking into the breathing tube. The Palau fins are designed to fit and adapt to different foot shapes.

2. Cressi Panoramic Wide view dry Snorkel set

Snorkel Gear 2

The dry snorkel set has a compact Tempered glass twin lens is enhanced to perform better than the basic Big Eyes Evolution. The Matrix has a Wide Field of View, with a Double Feathered Edge 100% Hypoallergenic Soft Silicone Skirt. The Dry Snorkel has an Anti-Splash Top End with a special Valve that Seals the Tube as you Dive, almost totally preventing the entrance of water when the Snorkel is submerged.

3. Phantom Aquatics Legendary Mask Fin Snorkel Set

Snorkel Gear 3

The Phantom comes with easy to wear snorkeling fins. The mask has beveled sides that enhance vision. Also comes with a specialized dry top that stops water from penetrating the snorkel. Each fin channel has a center groove to improve glide.

4. Phantom Aquatic velocity snorkel set

Snorkel Gear 4

Angle of blade is optimized for maximum thrust with Minimal effort. Center groove on each fin channels water to enhance Glide. Mask features beveled sides that provide a wide field of vision and an adjustable head strap with Quick-Release Buckles

5. Cressi light-weight premium travel snorkel dry set

Snorkel Gear 5

Mask features 100% silicone skirt with tempered glass lenses. Completely dry top snorkel with purge valve for easy clearing. Designed And Created Using Innovative and Patented Manufacturing Technology

6. Cressi scuba diving snorkeling set

Snorkel Gear 6

The Dry Snorkel has an original anti-splash end with a special valve that seals the tube as you dive. Anti-splash end with automatically closing valve with an ergonomic shape for maximum comfort

7. Mask and snorkel set for adults

Snorkel Gear 7

Anti-fog tempered glass to enjoy maximum under-water visibility and a wide field of view. Purge valve and splash guard: The advanced anti-splash system prevents water from entering the snorkel and the purge valve allows for easy clearing and draining of the snorkel.

8. Snorkel mask set

Snorkel Gear 8

Single Lens Mask provides the amazing panoramic view that you’re looking for, while also fitting comfortably with the liquid silicone skirt for a watertight seal. Super Dry Top Snorkel has a corrugated silicone mouthpiece with a valve system that seals the tube as you dive.

9. U.S Divers panoramic view lux platinum

Snorkel Gear 9

Snorkel Features Submersible, dry-top snorkel; Designed for keeping water outside the breathing tube above as well as below the water surface Pivot Flex Fins Technology provides increased efficiency and comfort; Soft & comfortable foot-pocket with easy-to-adjust buckles

10. U.S Divers Admiral L.X, Island Dry L.X & Trek Premium Snorkeling-Set

Snorkel Gear 10

Mask: Two window mask with hypo-allergenic silicone face-skirt, expanded top-to-bottom viewing, and 3-way adjustable ProGlide buckles. Snorkel: 100% submersible with Pivot-Dry Technology, hypo-allergenic silicone mouth-piece, and full flex section with purge valve

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