10 Best Caribbean Island for Snorkeling

Are you wondering about what are the best Caribbean island snorkeling sites? Well, wonder no more because we are going to give you an excellent review about the top 10 best Caribbean island for snorkeling, where you can have an incredible snorkeling experience.

1. Buck Island (USVI)

Buck Island

  • This island occupies a massive 176-acre area which is more than enough to ensure that you have a great time adventuring below the blue waters.
  • Below the waters, you will be able to come across some grottoes, gorgonians, lots of reef fish and some hawksbill turtles on the shores.

2. Champagne in Dominica

Champagne in Dominica

  • Snorkeling around this island, you will have the fantastic company of frog fish and sea horses.
  • Around the soft and hard corals of these waters, you can also expect to come around some lobsters and parrotfish.
  • The air effervesces of these waters is the other great feature that will you a memorable feeling and experience.

3. Bight Reef

Bight Reef

  • This particular island is located just a few meters from the Grace Bay Providenciales’ beach.
  • This particular island is well known for the many signage of parrotfish, yellowtail snapper, and turtles.
  • The crystal clear visibility in these waters will help you enjoy looking at the great underwater features that stretch for miles.

4. Cenotes in Mexico
Cenotes in Mexico

  • This island measures approximately 600 feet and goes as deep as 500 feet down!
  • The island is filled with fresh, clear waters hence; you can expect a vast number of sea creatures here.
  • In this island, you will come across some ancient sinkholes and lots of cenotes.

5. Buccoo Reef in Tobago

Buccoo Reef in Tobago

  • Jacques Cousteau has highly rated this island as being among the most spectacular reef regions in the entire world.
  • The starlet and elkhorn corals in these water harbor dozens of creole wrasse, blue Chromis, parrotfish, and angelfish.
  • The manta rays in the waters help to add to the beauty of these waters.

6. Arashi Malmok in Arabia

Arashi Malmok in Arabia

  • The rocky bottom of this region serves as a garden to many brain and staghorn corals.
  • Here, you will find the eels hiding within the crevices while the starfish will be lingering down at the bottom of these waters.

7. Cordillera Keys in Puerto Rico

Cordillera Keys in Puerto Rico

  • In this region, you can always be guaranteed that you will come across some turtles on the sandy beaches.
  • Deep in the water you will then have a chance to interact with a vast variety of the tropical fishes.

8. Horseshoe Reef in Tobago Cays

Horseshoe Reef in Tobago Cays

  • This reef is known to be the protecting shield of four uninhabited islands of the Tobago Marine Park. The area is therefore always guarded hence you can be assured of security here.
  • The short depth of these waters assists in allowing sun rays to hit the bedrock hence creating an astonishing scenery.
  • You will be able to come across turtles, tropical fish and some starfish while snorkeling here.

9. Stingray City in Grand Cayman

Stingray City in Grand Cayman

  • This great island offers both experienced snorkelers and newbies with an excellent chance to experience a once in a lifetime adventure below the sweet waters.
  • The extraordinary rays hit the waters gracefully making this fantastic place to take a selfie or for a photo-shoot.

10. Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia

Anse Chastanet in St. Lucia

  • The waters here are only a few yards from the shore and guarantee all snorkelers a memorable experience.
  • These waters here are calm and warm and are known to be a home for over 150 different fish species.


Visit any of the above Caribbean islands and we can assure you that the impressive experience you will witness here will remain stuck in your head forever.

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